The Horse Husband

The are plenty of horse women here in New England. It seems every back yard has an old gelding in it with a woman for whom the horse is her greatest love. But those women aren't all single. Their addiction affects not only themselves but those around them. Even those of us who don't know a halter from a bridle get sucked into it. Who among us hasn't heard, "Sure, let's go out for a nice romantic dinner. But first let me go dig around in some horse manure, okay?"

Some of us have it still worse. I'm not just a horse husband. I am a professional horse husband. Now before you get excited, let me emphasize that no one is paying me to lug around two five gallon buckets of water at a time or stack up piles of 100-pound bales of hay. It's not me that's the professional, you see. My wife is a professional horse person. By extension, I'm a Professional Horse Husband.

Eventually this may host some of the stories of being married into the horse world. I'm thinking of a series of humorous but good-natured descriptions of horse people. I don't know if I'll really ever get around to it. But I have the web space, and the domain is under $10 per year...

Any suggestions you have can be mailed to me at scott NOSPAM AT sauyet DOT com.